Release Version 0.3.2 Beta

  • Fixed the message box that is shown when the Open Hardware Monitor is started without extracting all files from the archive.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the report submitting dialog.

56 Responses to “Release Version 0.3.2 Beta”

  1. Jan says:

    I added the program to my start up and sometimes the gadget doesn’t draw all the way. I would have to close it off and reopen it to fully show it.

    I was wondering how to set the plot back to 90 minutes?

    • Michael Möller says:

      Which hardware / sensors are missing on the gadget when that happens? Does disabling and re-enabling the gadget inside the Open Hardware Monitor fix the problem, or do you have to restart the Open Hardware Monitor to fully show it? Can you post a screenshot of the incomplete gadget?

      The plotting function is still a prototype and currently the time-span shown can’t be changed (except in the source code of course). This will be implemented in a future version of the Open Hardware Monitor.

  2. yanis says:

    Thanks for excellent free software of yours. In this version there is no report of the fan speed. I only see GPU fan speed. That was a good feature. Or perhaps I have not installed correctly.

    • Michael Möller says:

      If the fan speed was shown in a previous version, then please submit a new issue on the issue tracker and attach a report (File -> Save Report…) of both versions.

  3. Gaz says:

    Thanks for great software! In newest, and all previous versions, my CPU fan speed not shown correctly. It jumps from 900 RPM (true value) to 5000+ RPM. Than back to 0, than again for couple of seconds normal value.

    • Michael Möller says:

      Can you submit a report (File -> Submit Report…) and add a reference to your above comment? Are you running any other monitoring applications when this fan reading problem occurs (there might be interference with accessing the hardware)?

    • Michael Möller says:

      I have taken a look at the report you sent. It could be that some ACPI code is accessing the super I/O chip on the ASUS P7P55D-E PRO. This could then explain the conflicts when accessing the hardware. You could try with the official hardware monitoring tool from ASUS (PC Probe or similar). If the fan speed is monitored correctly there, then the problem can be fixed most likely only with a special kernel driver supporting the virtual ATK0110 device from ASUS (which is of course not documented).

    • Gaz says:

      Yeah, official tool from Asus shows correct value. Okay, anyway your tool is great! Will continue using it anyway! Thanks once again!

  4. Jeffy says:

    I got some requests:
    1. Can you add remembering of the Min/Max values.
    2. Can you add way of customizing the gadget background color/text color/percent bar color.

  5. pathum says:

    can u please add ram also……………

  6. uncleOtto says:

    i generated report but then what? no options shown, had to have task manager shut it down,i wanted to participate cause i like the utility 0f this utility 3,0 beta on win7 64bit

    • Michael Möller says:

      I don’t really understand your question. You can read the report with notepad if you like, but for normal usage you don’t need it. Just read what is shown on the main window, the gadget or the system tray.

  7. Seb says:


    I notice that the +12V sensor is missing on the main window. Is that normal ? (from ITE IT8720F on a Gigabyte MB)
    Thank you again for this great program.

    • Michael Möller says:

      I can try to identify the temperature, fan and voltage readings correctly for your mainboard if you provide me the following:

      – Let your PC run idle. Start the OHM and save a OpenHardwareMonitor.Report.txt. Close the OHM and start GigaByte EasyTune 6. Make screenshots that show all available readings (voltages, temps, fans). Close GigaByte EasyTune.

      – Stress your PC (e.g. with Prime95). Start the OHM and save a OpenHardwareMonitor.Report.txt. Close the OHM and start GigaByte EasyTune. Make screenshots that show all available readings. Close GigaByte EasyTune.

      Make sure not to run GigaByte EasyTune and OHM at the same time, as both might disturb each other. If you have additional fans at hand, it could be useful to connect them to the mainboard to identify the fan channels as well.

      Then either email me all the files, or create a new issue on the Issue Tracker and attach the files there.

  8. Klink says:

    On my Dell XPS m1530, the fan will not be displayed.

  9. xristos says:

    Ok this is an excellent software. Really Congratulations. Ιam impressed. It works very well for me. No problem here. The only thing you might consider to add is the possibility for a user to put some max or min values and an alarm when the temperatures or fans overcome these values. Because from my perspective i don’t think that we are looking every time the gadget to see if everything goes fine. Again we thank you very much for your efforts.

  10. Nodo says:

    Thank you. good job.


    Add alarm and shutdown options from the PC to high temperature (configuration)